Shampoo Liquid Cream – Using BTMS |update|

Back for another experiment in shampoo made with BTMS. In my last post, I mentioned that the dilution or whipping stages were giving me a little trouble.

Now I’d like to refine the dilution phase. So far, I’ve only whipped this one up with some water, essential oils, and preservative. The initial whip is so pretty but it collapses rather quickly so want to try a different method. Still working on that thought process. I will whip again and then beat vigorously daily to try and reduce the air bubbles and I may try diluting very slowly and carefully to a smoother or slightly liquid paste…………the trials will continue.

After whipping the paste from the last batch, I put that whip directly into a container and let it sit a couple weeks. That whip maintained it’s shape in the container [top left] but when scooped, the soap easily collapses and is full of bubble holes. I want the soap to maintain at least some form. I felt a little cheated by all the extra air in the container. Another container [top right] I waited to fill until after I had beat the initial whip for a few days. This seemed to eliminate some of the air and I felt a little less cheated, like I’d actually gotten some soap in the container. Even still, not exactly what I had in mind.

Then I tried diluting the paste to see if I could reach a thicker liquid type soap that hopefully wouldn’t separate. Well, that was a hysterical disaster!!!! I started with 100 grams paste and 30 grams water. As soon as I even tried to stir the water in just a little this soap started foaming [bottom left]. No matter how softly I stirred, more foam! I left that container sitting on the counter all day. It stayed foamy all day.  O_0

I needed a way to dilute that wouldn’t create mountains of foam. Back to the recipe.

This time, I thought, why not try saponification using more water in an attempt to have softer paste that could then be diluted while still in the pot. Something similar to my foaming hand soap. I adjusted the starting liquid adding another 425 grams of water.

Cream Soap Recipe –WITH another MODIFICATION

68 grams 10%Castor oil – reduced this percentage, we have really hard water
272 grams 40% Coconut oil
102 grams 15% Olive oil
136 grams 20% Rice Bran oil – reduced this percentage 
102 grams 15% Tallow – switched out this oil for Nilotica Shea

Added in another light oil to make up the reductions in the oils above

68 grams BTMS – Behentrimonium Methosulfate (and) Cetearyl Alcohol – increased

850 grams Distilled Water – increased dramatically, next batch will increase even more!
119.5 grams Potassium Hydroxide (-8) – took this to (-4)
26 grams Sodium Hydroxide (+1)

Supercream at 5% – 34 grams Stearic Acid and 85 grams Glycerin – added after cook


My cell phone is giving me fits. It shuts off randomly and often. I attempted to capture stages of this modified recipe but missed several.

I was unable to get pictures of the dilution, phone was uncooperative 😦 Diluted the whole batch with approximately another 450 grams water right in the pot.

Here is the bottled up shampoo. So far there has been no separation but I’ll need a few more days for the soap to rest to determine if this soap will indeed stay this way or not.


I did shower with it, I’m sure the soap could use a sequester for a little while but I am impatient 🙂 I was worried I would not achieve a good lather because this soap has way more water in it than previous versions. I was pleasantly surprised in the shower! Washed and rinsed twice. The second wash lathered like crazy with tight, creamy, foamy bubbles. Hair also combed okay after. Soon I’ll need to work on additives.

The ph is still a bit high. I haven’t gotten around to procuring liquids suggested by Annie, @Arachne’s Demise, that may help with this or tried citric acid (such a fine line with this additive).

Even though this batch diluted easier, I still had a bit of trouble managing the batch near the end. I prefer less work, more play. I am going to attempt this again – with WAY more starting fluid. I’m even thinking the entire amount of liquid needed for starting and finishing combined. I’m going to have to use one of my bigger pots!


4 thoughts on “Shampoo Liquid Cream – Using BTMS |update|

  1. I think I want to start a basic cream soap paste soon, I will need your help! You know me,gotta have a castile version! I’ll end up playing with it once I get the basics down. But my fingers are crossed that I can make a nice scrub 😊

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  2. So excited about this! Love the idea of diluting it right away in the pot. I also did not realize the btms is a sulfate! Interesting. I have yet to purchase this to make my own batch of cream paste. I plan to play some more with what you sent me tomorrow!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too! It hasn’t separated even a tiny bit yet but it’s only been sitting still for 12 hours. We’ll see what it looks like at a week 😉 and then two. The very first attempt that failed separated completely overnight. So progress has been made 🙂

      Looking forward to getting to additives…


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