Shampoo Cream Soap – Using BTMS |update|

Just a little while back I began experimenting with conditioning emulsifier or BTMS during the saponification stage of soap making. You can find the original post here.

After using the soap in my hair for several weeks I figured it was now time to try and improve upon the recipe below. I’d experienced a little bit of build up or more like left behind soap (minor) in my hair from the original soap (learned to rinse extra well) and figured there were a few things I could alter to help reduce or eliminate that effect.


68 grams 10%Castor oil – reduced this percentage, we have really hard water
272 grams 40% Coconut oil
102 grams 15% Olive oil
136 grams 20% Rice Bran oil – reduced this percentage 
102 grams 15% Tallow – switched out this oil for Nilotica Shea

Added in another light oil to make up the reductions in the oils above

68 grams BTMS – Behentrimonium Methosulfate (and) Cetearyl Alcohol – increased

850 grams Distilled Water
119.5 grams Potassium Hydroxide (-8) – took this to (-4)
26 grams Sodium Hydroxide (+1)

Supercream at 5% – 34 grams Stearic Acid and 85 grams Glycerin – added after cook


This batch went through many of the same phases as the last but there were definite differences that required a bit more attention.

You can read some of the notes if you click on the pictures…

I am delighted with the outcome of the third try with BTMS. I’ve used this batch for a few days and happy to report there are no more build up issues. In the shower, I have found it beneficial to wash, rinse, and wash again. This soap is even more manageable in the shower as it’s not slippery at all. The lather is less pronounced but no less intense.

Now I’d like to refine the dilution phase. So far, I’ve only whipped this one up with some water, essential oils, and preservative. The initial whip is so pretty but it collapses rather quickly so want to try a different method. Still working on that thought process. I will whip again and then beat vigorously daily to try and reduce the air bubbles and I may try diluting very slowly and carefully to a smoother or slightly liquid paste…………the trials will continue.

I haven’t even tried including any additives yet, that will come later.

I’ve sent a little out into the field for testing and am anxiously awaiting reports back on performance. I’m a little partial, my testers might be a little partial too. I look forward to hearing if this soap has potential in the real world 🙂 I may need a few more testers at some point 😉 Will keep working.


2 thoughts on “Shampoo Cream Soap – Using BTMS |update|

  1. April:
    Cool! Looks like so much work though…how long does it take you?
    I’m looking forward to hearing what your testers say.
    How does your hair feel after using? Compared to shampoo bars and manufactured product?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sly 🙂

      This batch took about 6 hours or so. Measuring, melting, blending, cooking, testing, supercreaming, and then of course add the overnight rest. Then there’s the whipping and or possible dilution I will attempt. Also, some aging (but I’m impatient) So not a fast process. I do enjoy making liquid and cream soaps so I don’t mind the time 🙂

      I’ve noticed, less drag with my wide toothed comb, a little less breakage of hair, faster drying hair, and when dry my hair feels great. Soft, light, and a little better body. I’m am still testing for the long term though. This will probably be my longest running experiment 😉

      I haven’t really attempted any styling yet. I probably should. Maybe see how my hair holds onto curls or something. I’ll get to it eventually. I want to wash someone’s hair and take pictures too…….


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