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We’ve known this challenge was coming for some time. Of course, I am just one soaper out of many who have been pondering how to go about making one of these cool round soaps hoping they might look as pretty as Tatsiana Serko’s soaps – Ha! not even close! 😉 Before the tutorial and rules were “handed out” I’d been trying to figure it all out by once again scouring the internet.

During my searches, I came across this guest post, Soap Molding by Bhakti “Bee” Iyata on the Lovin’ Soap Studio blog. Fascinated and charmed by Bhakti’s technique I then scoured her site as well! I’m not exactly a sculptor, I can manage OK with felt as that medium takes a very long time to work but clay, or in this case soap, molding is a whole different thing. However, I thought, perhaps the manageable mold-able soap could be used for a rimmed soap.

I decided to make up a batch of Bhakti’s molding soap adjusting the ingredients to what I had on hand. Since I wouldn’t have to worry about cracking my rim, I scented with Rose Garden and colored a delicate pink. I made a very small batch and stuffed the whole mold inside two Ziploc bags for 24 hours and then un-molded the soap right back into the bags for another 48 hours.

I didn’t have cornstarch, who doesn’t have cornstarch?!?, so I had this brilliant idea of using mica while rolling the moldable soap. Don’t ask me why I chose a gold color with pink but a few days later, I ran across this…wedding soap post on Brambleberry’s Instagram, I suppose I wasn’t that far off, except maybe in execution! The mica did keep the soap from sticking to the parchment.

I rolled the soap carefully with my plastic rolling pin until It was flat and thin enough to use as a rim. After I rolled my “dough”, I cut it to size and slipped it into a Pringles can and then carefully mushed together the seam and filled with more soap. The resulting soap wasn’t bad. But the outside is ugly 🙂

Clearly I was able to achieve a rim and maybe with lots more practice I could get this rolled method to work but for now I moved on to Tatsiana’s method.

Using Tatsiana’s soap recipe, I tried hand stirring to get to trace. I thought I had gotten there but as I began pouring my soap into my slab mold I could see there was something wrong with it. SO, I stopped, poured the soap out of the slab hit the rest of the soap quickly with my stick blender and then poured again into the mold. Into the oven it went. When it was time to cut, I used the cheap wire butter cutter I found on Amazon.

The first layer was brittle and broke into pieces. The second and third layers cut pretty well! I got TWO usable sheets! Into my cans they went. I didn’t have any more Pringles cans so I grabbed a random can from my cupboard because I had enough soap from this one batch to fill both and didn’t want to waste any.

Overall, I am pleased with my two valiant attempts. I think for a first timer they turned out pretty well. I think if I tried this technique just a few more times I’d really have something wonderful to enter but I really didn’t have time and I was worried about spending so much cash time and effort on round soaps that I probably won’t add to my arsenal of soaping skills. In general, I prefer a simple rectangular soap shape in my shower – I know boring right 😉

Thank you Tatsiana for sharing your expertise and Amy for giving us a place to learn and grow. ❤ Amy, kudos on 9 attempts!!! You’re both amazing!!!

Speaking of amazing! I’m in AWE of the soaps I’ve seen already and can’t wait to see all of them!!! Tatsiana and Amy must be so proud! You are all AMAZING! ❤


14 thoughts on “Rimmed Soaps – Soap Challenge

    1. Thank you so much Pooja ❤ couple minor things I'd do different if I were inclined but not a bad first try 🙂 I'm so very impressed with everyone's multiple beautiful attempts and successes!!!!!!! I'm having a difficult time voting :/


  1. Ooo, thank you for sharing your fun experiment with the molding soap! Does it stay soft forever, or does it eventually harden? Your entry soap turned out beautifully! Really love the colors and pattern of the spinning swirl!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Amy ❤

      So far, as long as it's well bagged the molding soap stays soft enough to mold. I suppose it'll eventually dry out but I've still got a chunk left that's soft. Once it's in the air though it dries out and hardens up!


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