Clyde Slide – Soap Challenge

How exciting! This is my first blog post and first Great Cakes Soapworks – Soap Challenge Club entry as well!   😀 Someday, I’ll try to make this blog a little prettier but just getting started and needed a place to enter the challenge.

I tried 4 times to get feathering in my Clyde Slide soap-challenge-club-logo230soap.

Here is the one that gave me the most feathers!

Fairy Tree Clyde Slide Challenge Entry
Fairy Tree Clyde Slide Challenge Entry
Attempt # 1 - I like the pattern but no feathering
Attempt # 1 – I like the pattern but there really was no feathering
Attempt # 2 – I got some feathering in this one but the soap was crumbly and chalky
Attempt # 3 – I poured in 3 spots in the bowl before pouring this soap, looks pretty cool but still no wispy feathers…
Finally, the feathering I was looking for!
Finally, the feathering I was looking for!

I used You’re Turning Violet Violet, Lounge Lizard, and Pot O’ Gold Micas along with Black Raspberry Vanilla fragrance oil in the final soap.

My pot
My pot
The top

6 thoughts on “Clyde Slide – Soap Challenge

  1. April, You did Fantastic My Soapy Friend!! What are you talking about? ALL Your Soap in my book look amazing and I would of been proud to of entered any of them. Ya, you did good. Its too bad that I was one minute late with my submission, so I will look forward to next time. It is so nice that we both got to make this soap, even if only one of us was actually able to make it in on time. GOOD JOB MY FRIEND!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Shelly 😀
      This was a great learning experience and I am pleased with the outcomes too. Mostly 😉
      I love playing in soap!!! You’ll have to share yours over on the other page too so I can see it. I’m sorry you didn’t make it for this one but there will be more.


  2. Thank you Amy 😀 I’m honored to have YOU leave a comment here for me! So grateful to have a nice place to learn new methods and witness so many wonderfully creative soap makers do their thing 🙂


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